Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Pack - Official Roster Reveal Trailer

Published on Aug 21, 2019
The full Kombat Pack Roster has finally been revealed! Earthrealm just got a whole lot more dangerous.
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  • Terminator trailer when?

  • I know I'm out on a limb with this one, but I really REALLY would like to see Blade be a DLC!!

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  • This is worst joker that i ever seen in my entire life

  • i screamed at termonator

  • Not sure why they added Joker and Terminator should have used those slots for other MK characters. just my opinion.

  • Spawn?! I thought everyone forgot about him, can't wait to start maining him.

  • Should’ve chose John wick

  • Joker lookin like an SNL reboot

  • I Want The Most DLC Character is Kobra Drahmin Pumpkin Head Pennywise Hellboy

  • Spawn!!!

  • If Terminator doesn't say "Hasta la vista" during supers and "I'll be back" when he wins, I'm not even buying it.

  • Dimitri Vegas as Sub Zero? I wouldn't be surprised if Shaq is Geras

  • Kombat pack 2: Peppa Pig Ben 10 iCarly Donald Trump Rick and Morty Phineas and Ferb

  • Make joker look like The Dark Knight version.

  • Why did they make Joker look so stupid?

    • It's looks better than Dimitri vegas as sub zero 🙄

  • i want Michael Myers in mortal kombat. Take all those dlc and Shove up your ass.

  • Kombat Pack 2: Sheeva Fujin Mileena Ashley Willians Michael Myers Pennywise

  • I feel like DOOM guy would fit well into the MK universe and gameplay

    • @Ügiustus Keiserus I don't expect him to talk, much like Jason and Leatherface. But he might teleport into the map stomping onto a mancubus skull. Or walk up carrying an imp or cyberdemon carcass. But as far as gameplay, of course projectiles are a must and he could use his chainsaw for mixups and combo-breakers. He might be a glass-cannon emphasizing space, projectiles, and footsies

    • What kind of intro dialogue would he have though?

  • I hope NRS will provide Heath Ledger, Jared Leto and Joaquin Phoenix designs as skins for Joker.

  • Y’all sayin joker trash, I agree but you gotta admit after he smiles it looks a little better.

  • Can we get Ezio in the next kombat pack because that would be awesome

  • Mortal Kombat, I've got one fantasy request: If not now then possibly in the future MK games, with DLC ft Takashi (can't remember his name clearly) /Jaqueline's boyfriend, can it be that Undertaker and Kane from WWE be joining the fight? I feel that they are so worthy for being part of the realms as outsiders. If they're crafted right, they can be a super asset to the Realms. Imagine what Bi-han says to the Undertaker, and Scorpion say to Kane... Even the costumes, some from wrestling, others from your making. MK community, I would like to hear your take on this? it's just an idea I thought to share with all.

  • I bet T-800 is gonna say Hasta La Bista in his fatality 😎

  • Shouldve added batman who laughs instead

  • Next reveal, Terminator.

  • Pennywise?

  • It's going to be funny ripping off jokers face.

    • Patient Zero he’ll probably enjoy it and tell you to do it again lol

    • Patient Zero with Scorpion 😂💀

  • Seriously that Joker model is horrible and that is me being very polite mind you, still I am very happy for Spawn and the Terminator! :D Hope for many puns,

    • Hopefully the many skins they put out for Joker can help with that

  • Пенниваиз лучше бы чем джокер

  • Kombat pack 2 Spongebob Ben 10 Johnny Test Drake Henry Danger Apple Jack

    • I got a better Kombat pack 2 Venom Chucky Maniac Cop Pennywise Deadpool????

  • Fuck sindel put her last make spawn come in on November plzzs and thx ??? Kratos is he coming back for ps4 only

  • Yo Mortal Kombat! you want brutality? Add DIO!!! He can throw knives, take somebody's insides with his BARE HANDS, his stand is also powerful that stops freaking time, and HE.FLATTENS.PEOPLE.WITH A FREAKING ROAD ROLLER!!!

  • It’s bull shit how I bought 2 of them and a see them all of them for 40 bucks why can’t they put a discount for people that bought night wolf and the other one

  • joker looks like an evil Gay lol

  • There is so much outrage in social media about the Joker being in MK11! I can’t even imagine what the social media response would have been back in 1995 when MK3 was released. That roster had no masked ninjas (not even Scorpion!!), no Kitana, no Mileena, no Johnny Cage, no Raiden. Ed Boon and John Tobias would have been murdered! Luckily they then released UMK3 with all the classic characters.

  • Joker???? Pfffff

  • I want John Wick and Pennywise from It.

  • Hasta la Vista baby

  • Mileena please ed boon

  • Hey there Nether realm, are you ever going to fix your shit KL point system?

  • I bought the pack but I can’t find any of them does anyone know why ?

    • if you noticed, the characters are being released one at a time. the kombat pack grants you early access to the fighters when they are revealed. since you own the kombat pack, you will be able to play terminator october 8, while everyone else gets to play him october 15. if you want spawn, you got to wait until march 17 next year, while everyone else gets to play him march 24.

    • Emanuel Bryant I really don’t know what happened ,I want spawn so bad

    • Pauly King I did the same can’t find them

  • I hate the joker, I want pennywise

  • they need to add SHAZAM!

  • we should be getting a trailer for the terminator soon since they usually drop a trailer 2 weeks before the character comes out!! can’t fucking wait!!

  • Joker looks a little rushed. Almost like he replaced Ash Williams.

    • Not almost, he is replaced Ash. There a notification about the Pack in the game before that list Ash in the pack, but now they have update it to Joker. Ash was delayed to KP2. The reason why they swap Ash with Joker in KP1 is to promote the upcoming Joker movie.

  • jOkEr Is JuSt A rAnDoM gUy In CoSpLaY!!!!!111!!! ...Yeah That's what the Joker is- a random guy who went crazy and started wearing clown makeup. Also this Joker looks much better than Injustice 2, Jared Leto, and Joaquin Phoenix Jokers.

  • I want sheeva,sektor ,cyrax and one character special

  • Kombat Pack 2: Michael Myers, Ash Williams, Pennywise (though he’s probably not coming)

    • Pyramid head would be cool but doom slayer I don’t care for

    • Ash Williams is confirm for KP2. The other two unknown guest character is rumor either Doom Slayer, Michael Myers and Pyramid Head. This 3 name is highly rumor right now to take the two spot more.

  • or instead of joker it could have been.pennywise

  • Kylo ren or Darth Vader next

  • Take my money already

  • Joker looks like his biggest crime was posting a racist meme.

  • Joker looks like he was made on a budget

  • Me 2019:im just gonna keep watching this until spawn releases. That cool? Ok. Me 2020:Can't even find a match...

  • T-800 looks good, I would much rather have reiko, havok, fujin, takeda, but i guess they are saving these for 12.

  • I think Jack Nicholson's Joker would have been perfect

  • A

  • Does anyone know if i have Premuim edition, would i have these characters for free or i need to pay extra?

    • For free, of course premium edition.