Published on Jun 14, 2019
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Thanks to WOW for letting me borrow this bike!!!
Forging Channel: ruvideo.info
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  • Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: bit.ly/2IGJ9Pg ✅ ANDROID: bit.ly/2X87NBD Start with💰50K silver and get a Free Epic Champion 💥 on day 7 of “New Player Rewards” program

    • Great video yammynoo... I mean do it with dan. 🤔🤔. Really though I did like the video shit is hilarious 👌👌

    • The only ads I don't skip forward through.

    • These links aren't working for me. Anyone else had this problem?

    • this is a troll post, love it.

    • Dan what’s your clan name?

  • Sport bike paired with any variation of Jordan shoes

  • Hey learned a lot about stretching bike and laughed the hole way threw

  • You are fucking hilarious. Subscribed

  • i never ever saw a stretched bike in real life. I saw one on the internet one day on something similar to craigslist (european car&bike selling app). guess what it was... a full chromed out fully custom hayabusa.

  • Because they can't ride for shit And rather stretch them out with stupid wide tires and beg for attention Or do the high speed races wearing tshirts and shorts Either way it's douchbag 1 and 1A

  • Why did you have to attack the kyles bruh😂😂😂😭am a kyle💀

  • You really don't know dick about choppers lol

  • That’s what she said 7:39

  • How much does it usually cost to rent bikes from WOW? and How much is deposit?

  • Got about halfway through the video and couldn't handle anymore. I can't believe you get paid for this crap

  • Jap bikes and video games are for children

  • Seems gay

  • Dude you almost lost me with that add. How are people not fkn bored to tears staring at blips and bloops for hours on end yet? Is it me?

  • For straight line performance OR they’re just a douche

  • I just bought a bike there hysoung 250c 2017

  • My dad and his friend both have busas and his friend flipped in 1st so he stretched his biek lol

  • It’s a black thing Kml 😂😂😂😂😂😂 nobody ride stock anymore. It’s going to be stretch and loud exhaust🕺🏼🥳

  • If you think a stretched bike looks good and you want to do it to your bike. You should because you like it so why not...

  • Not a 2019 gixxer 1000 @6:39

  • I seen a stretched grom like a month ago filtering through traffic

  • I have never seen a stretched bike here in Canada

  • My bike is stretched because I drag race


  • So you’re telling me the shorter my bike the faster? Ight I’m pulling some fuck shit.

  • This makes me wanna stretch my R3 Lolol just to piss people off kidding I’d never do that

  • Stretched Sportbikes ruined everything! Learn you fucking bike and ride the wheelie!!!! Good Grief!!!!!!

  • What are your thoughts on naked bikes

  • I stretchit i dont give a damn about power it looks fucking awesomeeeeee

  • Cause to much power will raise front tire an throw you off so stretch bike saves live dumb dumb an it’s also style

  • it looks good thats why

  • They look well stupid tho

  • It doesn't matter what your Style of Bike is , what matters is we enjoy the open road .

  • Ok!!!! I've been to wow motorcycles before!!! Way before the bigger location

  • But still my 20cc bike needs a stretch kit

  • Simple but stupid question!! Your sure this video ain't for looser gamers with no fucking life. Games are for fucking kids not men.

  • yoo james be taking phones

  • Stretch sportbikes = puke in my mouth

  • Honestly stretching your bike is like putting rims on a car to me

    • Streched bikes are for men. Not little boys with slow bikes.

  • The girl i'm going out with now left her boyfriend that had a long swing arm on his bike , but she said he had a micro penis compared to mine

  • Great Video Where did u get those gloves from bro?

  • Dan needs to right a k5 or a tuned L7+ then his mind will completely change about gixxers

  • That was a 2016 not 2019......................

  • shit is so wack.🤣

  • Stretch is cool if u drag race

  • Since when did Dan steal Yammie Noobs style?

  • Clean the dirt off the swing arm before you put anything sticky like that GoPro holder

  • Because they want to make them worthless for resale.

  • Watched the whole vid, still think it's fugly and dumb, unless it's literally to keep the front down it's stupid "in my opinion"

  • Because people who stretch their bike are showing signs of missing chromosomes

  • Jokes on the wife, I banged the standard wheel based guy first

  • “ nope, nu uh , won’t be caught dead on that thing “ lol sounds like me when I talk about civics, damn are those cars ugly. Accord looks waaayyy better in my opinion even though I don’t really care for Honda

  • Lose 20HP?! ive got a yamaha r125 it has 15hp ...

  • wtf?sponsorships... pour guy

  • ruvideo.info/watch/DjmIlMh_oYM-video.html

  • Actually... groms have stretches too

  • Stretch bikes are gay and not in the fabulous kinda way

  • Who else can ride curves at 130 streched?? It's not impossible js ; ) good video bro

  • Harleys are awesome, they just cost too damn much

  • "Hundreds of thousands of people cant be wrong" all of Europe thought the earth was flat for 500 years