iPhone 11 Pro DROP Test! Worlds Toughest Glass!

Published on Sep 20, 2019
iPhone 11 Pro vs 11 Pro Max Drop Test! Extreme durability testing the 'Worlds Toughest Glass'.. Actually incredible results!
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iPhone 11 vs XR Drop Test: ruvideo.info/watch/ULEulJAKfZs-video.html
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  • Please give me one from giveaway plz broo My current phone is on deadline

  • Has agreed ...!!

  • Please tell me you do know that they say that every Time they release These overpriced calculators??? "WorLD StRoNgESt GlASs" but it get's obliterated if it drops from like more then 50 cm.

  • I don't care because I have all of the iPhones

  • they break from pressure

  • Can I get a iPhone

  • I NEEEEED a new phone I love your channel too by th way

  • Really could’ve got different colors for this lol 2 people could’ve really appreciated the midnight green

  • Adam zengilikten iphone koleksiyonu yapmış be

  • I swear every time he dropped the phone I would skweel I just felt so bad they have to be broken 😂😢

  • Love your experiments

  • Guys please help me!! I’m about to get a iPhone 11 pro max but I’m not sure which color I want :( I really want the gold one but I also really want the space grey one. All of my other iPhones have been black, I’ve never had a iPhone another color than black. Which color should I get ?😭😭😭

  • He just did it like that so easily to the phone .. i even can't buy that phone because it's too pricey .. life oh life 😔

  • I saw another video someone accidentally droped it and it completely shattered

  • He:let me try this phone drop test Camera man :[why cant u give me that phone ]if u guys agree this dialogue then clik like button - insta ziyaaaa_n follow and support

  • The phone cases will be cheaper as they require less material

  • Dang is it me or are phone manufacturers making more phones at a faster rate?

  • Impressive. The XS was super durable as is. But these are beyond tough! Thanks for the drop test. Glad to know my phone won’t break so easily if dropped once or twice.

  • Plzz give me a iPhone

  • EveryThingApplePro: yay apple 11 pro... I: YEYYYYYYYYY NOKIA 3310

  • U don’t even know the name of the phones🥴

  • Bro please upload the water test video and freezing test

  • I swear and this is no bullshit my iPhone 11 pro Max dropped about 6 inches and the back of the phone cracked from one corner to another. But they wanna come here and say it’s the most indestructible phone.

  • I want a iPhone 11 pro pls I need a phone mine is broken

  • He might did insurance for tat phones

  • Gosh i want that ip🤕

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  • this made me so angry

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  • Fuck you... Breaking a £1,000 pound phone that is a waste of moneys 😡😡😡😡😡😡

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  • I think you’ll be fine unless you dropped your phone on a ladder

  • Just give me.... Dont break it..??

  • Dropped my 11 PRO Max without a case tonight! First drop on a tile flower broken back, the area around the camera cracked. Couldn’t wait to use my phone case comes in tomorrow according to Amazon :-(

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  • Bro dont break it give it to me i only seen iphone in my dream 😐😐

  • Nice video /Bhai

  • Can't believe I actually sat here and watched it without crying.

  • I have a yellow iPhone 11(not pro) and the back is glass so now I swear I will carry it in a safe 😂

  • ruvideo.info/watch/Lj4Od9D4puc-video.html

  • wow

  • I cringed every time he dropped them

  • You know if apple went back to a all metal phone everybody would start making all metal phones again.

  • This video hurt my soul

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  • *watches in iPhone 11 Pro* im uncomfortable

  • i love your vlogs can i have one

  • Other youtubers: watch me review the 1000$ phone!! Him: i drop from ladder

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  • he said that he had not felt it when at 0:06 you can see a iphone 11 on the wall with the other phones also at 2:44.

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  • Can I keep one

  • If you give any of them to me, even broken like that, I wouldn't complain :)

  • Now if it broke, apple will charge you 500-600 to repair the glass.