Watch Elon Musk’s Neuralink presentation

Published on Jul 17, 2019
Electric vehicles, rockets... and now brain-computer interfaces. Elon Musk's newest venture, Neuralink, aims to bridge the gap between humans and artificial intelligence by implanting tiny chips that can link up to the brain. At a press conference on July 16, Neuralink's ambitious plans were detailed for the first time, showcasing a future (a very distant future!) technology that could help people deal with brain or spinal cord injuries or controlling 3D digital avatars.
Elon Musk says Neuralink plans 2020 human test of brain-computer interface:
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  • I think he is gonna Love Cyberpunk 2077

  • So, does Elon play Forza Horizon 4 too?

  • thank you guys!

  • if we're pious we should be able to pull this off

  • it's appreciated sir

  • Hes making his own isp thru satelites... and now neurolink.... so am i going to get wifi in my head? no more computer to google anything.. lol however even if this fails.. this tech will help OTHER areas in science where surgery is needed. So its still a win no matter how this particular idea pans out.

  • The right hand is connected to the left brain, And the left brain is connected to the Starlink And the Starlink is connected to the A.I...

  • how will you brush your hair?

  • the anti Christ would be one that doesn't allow thought pattern past the cloth.

  • they trusted only him to decide for them

  • the anti Christ is the one that won't let progression go. to a science area. They are of the blood and blood is the most important . They are of the cloth. They are the ones that decide a way of the bible can not be explained. like the thought of Adam and eve seen it only important where god put them. not seeing the whole world.

  • they difference is not the brain but the lack of connections , our brains start connections to limited information. there for to understand A.i. is the lack of knowledge not being absorbed.

  • Stop making it sound nice 🤬you satanic monsters

  • Prove yourself worthy.. prove it to yourself .

  • Bruh can u imagine this and google stadia

  • This dude different beast (lowkey creates his own problem then offers his own solution) he literally raised the issue of ai making humanity obsolete now he’s trying to integrate humanity with AI bruuuuuhhhhh

    • Bless Gillette or so we can fight against it

  • 59 K positive rew. Really, hope for human kinde is very slim. 4 K negative, so for every man with thinking brain there is 15 whitout one.

  • You get so mad at someone and start punching and then you’re like it’s not me it’s my brain.

  • What i really want to know is if any of these geniuses who invented this tech are willing to have it implanted in their own heads. Bet you they won't.

  • Why he's so nervous?

    • Well, try explaining neuroscience when you are not a neuroscientist : O Listening to this presentation for me is like "I was here but all I got was this stupid T-shirt? Not a very "fun" synapses to explain.......His audience thinks some of his presentation is funny.

  • througt a iphone APP. L.O.L.

  • It starts at 1:38...

  • KUTTA da land, KUTIYA da rand,BHAIN CHOD

  • -I think Elon Musk is aiming to have access to world wide people capability using this program, Ex-I’m so frustrated right now that I spend so much time/effort to create a presentation just to make my visions clear to anybody using a very old way(”Reading and writing”-1800 and 1900 BC) of doing it ...

  • what is the background music very nice

  • CHOOTIYA rand

  • Digital heroin. If you have one the will know where you are and what you are doing at all times. They'll be able to control you. They'll be able too with more accuracy then the do now. Easier to manipulate and control.

  • Elon Musk's name is definitely going in the history books for humanity's greatest scientists. Probably along with previous names over the centuries, like Galileo, Einstein, Newton, Descartes, Darwin, etc.

  • If the A.I will help the human race!!! Why they don’t start curing the cancer? That’s sickness is killing thousands of humans around the world every day.

    • Because cancer is not easy to deal with

  • the world is ending

  • Imagine Minecraft IRL using this

  • Not not its far? (Joking btw)

  • Where do I sign up??😅🤣

  • Cyberpunk might actually become our reality

  • Awesome badass elon!

  • 50% of the people making jokes here are actual bots or payed ... think about your lifechoices .. this stuff is scary at best. if you want a zombie slave race ... this is what you want .. i bet you cant only read thoughts but also inject them into the brain ... guys stop the research until you have figured out your society ... in america the highest people in charge are doing childtrafficking and you are trying to turn humans into controllable devices .. you guys are just idiots

    • They got us with cell phones. This would seem to be the next evolution of communication but like you said slaves.

  • Nice to see you, my friend Musk! I hope that you won't forget me, because i have PIMENTA DEMAIS! NWO and ILUMINATTIS FOREVER!

  • The NWO wants to turn you into mind controlled BORG ZOMBIES!!!

  • Elon Musk has a god complex! He believes he’s the saviour of mankind ! Alarm bells should be ringing every where ! The Nazis tried genetic enhancement ! Thank god they were stopped ! Elon wants to do the same ! But technological not Genetic ! This type of technology will be catastrophic to mankind !

    • *or* it's human engineered evolution and is the next step to our survival once the earth is no longer habitable by the typical human.

  • Damn what if you got hacked or a virus wtf are you guys doing!

  • An intelligent sell out. Government owns him now.

  • We will eventually look at each other like the guy who still pulls out a flip phone, " your not chipped man "

  • It's gonna be basically like the ME3 ending lol. I also chose synthesis heheh

  • Does this actually mean we will have to endure being bombarded with "storage full" and "Upgrade storage plans" to fit our own, ever-flowing thoughts in our head? Which, mind you, we never needed to do before this "human evolution." How great, no really, how . wonderful- we've evolved into paying tech giants for more thought capacity...

  • We haven't even perfected good augmented reality or even virtual reality yet Elon thinks we are ready for Neural implants surgically merged with our neurons? Insane and totally jumping the gun

  • It's very sad. He sounds like someone having a nervous breakdown. He is loosing scientific credibility with this. Good luck with trying to outshine Nikola Tesla; because he didn't get his ideas from sci-fi movies.

    • Van he definitely was nervous in this presentation, you can see him sweating, but that’s ok most people get nervous during public speaking, shy people are usually the smartest.

  • Me: Alexa. Dont Kill me. Alexa: i buy poison for you is that okay? Me: Help us Elon!

  • One thing for sure,,,, this guy is a genius straight out of a comicbook,,,,, no actually he’s gonna turn the world into a comic

  • He has zero charisma.

  • Do not want to be connected to the millions of idiots out there. Already connected enough..

  • This is awesome and scary at the same time

  • Idk why I keep thinking this is great but my biggest worry would be hackers since it’s wireless... could you imagine someone controlling your every move to do... god knows what

  • What if a emp hits

  • Forza song?

  • I i i i am am ,elo,elo,eloan musa,mu,mu,sa,sa,sakaka,a,a. I am talking,like,like that,that so,so,sos,oo,so no,no,noo one,one,e,e,e, can,can,an im,im,ag,agag,ine what,at,ttt I,iiii,i re,rea,realll,l,l,ly,y,y,y,y am,m,mmm,mama,mia.

  • Y'all realize real life Terminator is unfolding before your eyes. Don't do it y'all. Merging w ai is not natural or conducive.

  • Wife gets a hold of my phone, reads all my thoughts.

  • Targeted individuals are unwilling human test subjects for government neurotechnology even more advanced than this. They are able to control influence thoughts emotions body movements and functions. We are monitored and tortured 24/7 to rewrite our brains and destroy our personalities. The coverup has been to label us as mentally ill but I do not believe that it can continue with this tech finally coming out in the mainstream. People need to wake up and ask yourself if you want every single thought you have monitored and or influenced. If you are chosen there is no stopping it or protecting yourself. Privacy is already non existent for targeted individuals and it will be this way for everyone if we continue down this road.

  • Elon watched Total Recall too many times

  • The fall of the humanity.. and we don’t see it?

  • I have Been seeing the elites end game for a long time now if you think I'll have this in my brain your really stupid. Mob deep was right when he said there's a war going on outside no man is safe from you can run but you can't hide forever! All these wars in the middle east have been an excuse to put the mark of the beast inside of us. It's been exposed I'm not a sheep I don't follow I'm a wolf in sheep clothing a wild one that can't be tamed I clock to many people's motives you can try and mirror me but I'll still notice what you are doing. It's simple your brain is easily tricked when you understand this you will question everything.

  • Superhuman is coming, or is already here

  • Imagine private mind-controlled mini rockets that will take you to mars almost personally X.x

  • You will pay for this.

  • Once up and running AI will decide to merge with 🐵🦍🦁🐯🐴🐘🦏🐐🦅🐻🦇🐍🦎🐟🐬🐋🦀🦐🕷🐝

  • We are the Borg, Resistance is futile. You will adapt to service us.

  • This comment section is absolutely gold

  • Bruh didn't Elon just say tht he was tryna get people to be careful of A.I? but now my dude is tryna merge humans and A.I together? I'm so confused bruh 🤦🏿‍♂️

    • Then he said, if we cant fight AI, we should join it

  • These people are the future

  • i'm looking forward for clinical testing results!, it can be fun to have interface like this with smartphone, or pc, but... for the record - just please don't connect me with my printer..

  • So you want me to let the guy that can't get paint put on a car to give me brain surgery.....right.

  • Imagine going to court, and wanting to lie and all they do is take out your chip to see what you've been up to🤣🤣🤣 This isn't a joke, Elon stop.

  • Lets hope he'll start helping and investing in the invention of Full Dive VR.

  • He is a billionaire so people tend to credit the things he says but Mr musk is just a man with ideas like all other men not saying the things he says can't become reality but don't take them too seriously I would say.

  • "controlling 3D digital avatars". SAO in real life. it happens soon guys!!!! 2022.

  • yet, normies still believe we are coocoo, for speaking about this type of stuff, smh

  • Watch the movie Transcendence. Wow! This is the start.

  • I think it's an exaggeration Elon Musk someone. I do not think that he is someone worthy of much praise. Even those who are not poor would be rich. Nikola Tesla is just one example of it.

  • AI is only as intelligent as the men that have created and use that AI. Just because AI is faster does not mean it is more intelligent. I am not afraid of AI, I believe we need to be saved by the men that created that AI, those with an obvious God complex, I believe they call them narcissists.

  • Neuralink... When I began to check out the possibilities of successfully implanting computer systems into our Brain, to supposedly improve our intelligence and ability to survive, the little voices in my head flew off into multiple directions. "Computerize your Brain", "Bluetooth your Brain", "Globally Connected"... That means who ever has a "Neuralink" implanted into their brain, will be connected with the internet. I can't type fast enough to talk about Everything that instantly popped up inside my head. I grew up at the time that our family would sometimes go to a "Drive-in Theater". In the Drive-in movies, most people were not aware of the quick advertisements pop ups that were implanted into the movies. Just before the movie paused for a break, so that people could go to the bathrooms, or buy a drink or snack, they would stick just a few frames of advertisement to buy Snacks and Drinks. Your brain would see it, but YOU wouldn't realize it. So... being mentally tied into the internet, are those people going to be fed advertisements, or ideas, by the internet systems? Each implanted "Neuralink" will most likely have a serial number, or "RSIN". YOU, will be tracked just like the smartphones, or New computerized vehicles... (Big Brother). I can understand the Neuralink implants, to help people that have physical, visual, speech impairment, extreme hearing problems. But when the system becomes so advanced that they would start improving the use of our brains, we will most likely end up with an extreme "Racial" problem... the Highly intelligent, and the typical normally intelligent. Basically the same as in the "Star Trek" movie "Into Darkness", with the Khan. If the ones that have a Neuralink implanted are connected to the internet, will they be able to read other's minds that have a neuralink, or talk to them mentally, not verbally? The Neuralink implants will continue to improve. How often will people have them replaced? Will they end up doing so, as they presently do "the latest and greatest Smartphones"? Yes, Elon Musk has started a company to produce them, yet They will for sure, not be the only ones doing this. Just imagine all of the competition that will pop up. Will they be regulated by the government(s), like they do Drugs???! Then there is the multiple countries, U.S., Europe, China, Russia... Are they going to be able to Hack into your Neuralink system and steal information from you, or pump dangerous ideas into your brain? They will be operated by "AI" programs and THAT alone can be extremely dangerous. Mankind, suddenly coping with higher intelligence. ...Through my life, from childhood and on, I've known(know) multiple people that had(have) higher than normal IQ's. Some of them handled their abilities very well and then others were constantly, excessively Stressed. Some to the point that they lost their minds...! Is implanting Neuralinks going to improve, make easier life, or make it even harder to except. Will you ever, again, really have "Peace and Quiet" times? And just one more thought... "Third World War" ~ If that ever comes, and ends up being a Nuclear War and it shatters the majority of our computer systems, what Next...? Back to Normal Reality??? hmmmmm