Mattresses Attack Local Village

Published on Aug 19, 2019
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  • Remember not to mess with mattresses family *they’re made of memory foam*

  • 3:01 Bro, I'm tired of running all the time better get me a nice 'Jeep' just like this one, though I won't be able to travel as fast as I do, better then get me a 'F1' car though I won't be able to use it here on these lands, sigh...

  • Free mattresses anyone

  • Mattress war Person: heeeeelllppp

  • When wafers attack!

  • If wind not pussed the Matress if the Matress could walk what would you do? Run or just afk

  • People:aaahhhhh ima sleep on this matress Matresses:

  • The woman on 0:24 lol

  • 0:39 *oovoo javer*

  • That phone guy is an asshole.

  • It all changed until the mattress nation attacked.

  • That was not a Jeep it’s a Toyota Land Cruiser

  • Expectation of Area 51 raid 0:06

  • 0:33 me trying to open up my old car that isnt working

  • don’t worry, those mattresses are just going for a walk.

  • when i tought he was kidding

  • Homeless man: It's free real estate

  • Is he from Greenland?

  • 0:01 *Brothers, we attack at dawn.*

  • 0:08 when people hack gta 5 servers

  • Ah.... I’ve missed the 2010s where idiots would go out and willingly take up valuable time from emergency service workers and actively Harass minimum wage employees at retail stores. Thanks for reminding me of this repressed memory 10 years later mate. Cheers

  • that cat be like *W H O A C A M E R A*

  • The look on that female cops face! 🤣 I'm wheezing!😂

  • 1:57 one of the 2 polish memes that shows why are poland are the best in pranks...who know the 2nd one give me a like XD

  • 3:03 Thats not a jeep, just saying

  • People who plays ARK will have some good feelings 0:33 every time I hear this sounds in my dino garage XD

  • Cheetah: So tell me again why you move around in these metal boxes Driver: So that the wild animals cannot get to us Cheetah: I see

  • Awww that Uber Driver is so precious. 💖💖💖💖

  • And you though area 51 raid was amazing

  • Other youtuber: this thumbnail's video will be played halfway This youtuber: we don't do that here

  • Patrzcie kto to się tu dostał

  • So I am the only one who sh*ted my pants 2:15

  • When the world ends, we will have an apocalypse of mattresses.

  • _the anglo saxons vikings have been turned into pillows and once more returned._

  • Hello everyone this is YOUR daily dose of internet, was published on my birthday

  • An Uber driver gave a restaurant worker a Lyft

  • this is so much better than the news

  • A guy got hurt from the mattresses (the one jogging)

  • Other people: OMG MATRESSES RUN!!!! My family, me and my neighbor: OMG FREE MATRESSES!!

  • I think someone was preparing for the mattress apocalypse and when they attacked the person was like "I told you but you thought I was coo coo"

  • 2:13 when the sith lord uses the lightning force

  • Doctor: how did you break your leg? Me: it’s complicated. 0:08

  • "Everybody gangsta till the mattresses jumping across the neighborhood."

  • The mattresses are easily scared off but return in greater numbers.

  • Tank v. Village (tank does 1 damage) mattress v. Village (mattress does 9999 damage) Me:NoiCe

  • If they wake up they can fall back asleep on the mattresses

  • World war 3 looks great!

  • Uber driver should try doing something nice without showing it to the world. Or even better do something nice for somebody and don't let them or anybody know. It's not about the recognition

  • Mattress raid😂

  • That cat is actually in my nightmares

  • I’m convinced cats don’t have eyelids

  • Let me just say: yes, you do make my day a little brighter... Your videos are awesome and you do such a good job. Thank you!

  • Cheetah on car- increase the speed, its boring.

  • I thought the mattresses were just cgi.

  • The great inflatable mattress migration!

  • 2:01 if this happened in the USA *GET ON THE FUCKING GROUNNDDDDD RIGHTT NOWWWW*

  • Dude, I don’t think that’s your average puppy... 0:31

  • they have risen

  • So weird watching that when I really feel like taking a nap.

  • So sure those matresses was gonna raid area 51