Mattresses Attack Local Village

Published on Aug 19, 2019
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Shizuka by AERØHEAD
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  • Remember not to mess with mattresses family *they’re made of memory foam*

  • Did you guys see the people trying to steal the mattresses instead of running? 😂😂

  • I thought sharknado was a bit farfetched and now this smh.

  • That guy got destroyed by a matress

  • 1:18 - 1:26 Why does it remind me of Avatar😂

  • *nice*

  • Yo mates we send in a load of mattresses with the kyles for the Area 51 raid

  • The lightning seems very fake.

  • That cats face though

  • 2:18

  • I overdosed on internet

  • Everybody gangsta until the *mattresses* invade

  • a mattress ad popped up

  • Its a war of mattresses. it want its land back!!!!

  • In the first one I see that alot

  • Cheetah: why should i run if i can have a personal human transport Human: hope the cheetah wont attack me while driving

  • In America a cookie would get you killed.

  • That phone joke wouldn't work being black in Amerikkka

  • Nothing is safe not even your mattress

  • Imagine walking out of your house and then you get smacked with a mattress then more come at you

  • Who run the world? MATTRESS!

  • Even mattresses want to swim, everyone has dreams

  • "prowokacja" o chuj

  • Whats the name of that skyrim mod for mattreses youre using,looks good

  • Warning! Mattresses.exe is uncontrollable

  • me and the mattresses raiding area 51

  • I assume a truck was carrying a load of mattresses, it’s a windy day, and the truck was opened

  • The dessert cell phone was brilliant. Me thinks that cop was slightly embarrassed. Lol 😁👍

  • Whats the issue? Those mattresses are just perpetrating a friendly invasion.

  • In Toronto it’s illegal to eat and drive😂 ill still get a ticket

  • On 0:23 the guy in the red shorts on the left trys to bring down mattress but fails.

  • 2:10 holy shit

  • Struggle financially, and take Uber to work

  • 1:35 she's beautiful

  • him:flying matresses are not real they cannot hurt you flying matresses:

  • 0:07 I bet he was thinking _”Never in my life did I think I would be running from a hoard of mattresses”._

  • That mattress clip looked like a scene from a terrible horror movie.

  • 1:55 He's lucky they laughed and were nice about being tricked and wasting their time lol... I hope he or others don't do this type of stuff often cause your taking valuable time from someone else that may truly need assistance or police help! And then when we really need them, we turn around and say "What took so long"!? Hmmm... We all love a great joke, great laugh... Just make sure it's not hurting or hindering others in process! But yeah I would've laughed too! That must be a really enforced law there to have gotten so many stops from it! Lol 😂🤣😇

    • He used to be a popular RUvideo prankster, so he did stuff like that often. Now he has moved on. You might recall his most popular video: Mutant Spider Dog.

  • at 0:22 am the only one who saw the kid on the left side of the screen get attacked by the mattress

  • 0:33 *Dart saying his first words*

  • Wow, I wish cops in the US were that chill, you know they would start writing like 50 tickets for “disturbing the peace” or some other BS like that 🙄

  • i would deadass throw myself infront of those matresses to stop them and lay on them.

  • 0:00 Me: *grabs mattress while its flying* YEAH IM TAKING THIS TO SLEEP ON

  • Zeus: aight, fuck your tree 2:15

  • 0:17 did anyone else notice that guy in the corner

  • BLESS TO THE UBER DRIVER!! That's not easy to do, but I just want blessings onto the Uber Driver. Such a beautiful act of kindness.

  • That village must have had a bad omen for mattresses to attack it.

  • Isn’t the cheetah faster than the car?

  • *Has Flashbacks* Hm....... UMBRELLA ATTACK 2

  • my ordinary day: sees hundres of matrasses flying across the grass

  • Hell to her taming a cheetah.this is the reason that everywhere is poaching and harming to innocent animals.

  • *why is Greenland made of ice and Iceland made with land*

    • Iceland is made of green land and greenland is made of ice land

    • green land to be exact

  • Past: do beds fly? 2019: yes

  • 01:30 - polska duma

  • But then, everything changed when The Mattress Nation attacked.

  • cheetah: sometimes u gonna slow urself down

  • looks like something that me and my friend would laugh at

  • 0:00 *Pirates of the Carribean theme starts playing*

  • I'm from greenland!!