you won't watch this fortnite video lol

Published on Jun 17, 2019
i'm the most underrated fortnite player in the world (fastest builder and editor and gets so many victory royales)
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  • im gonna be the best player in the world

  • McCreamy: nobodys gonna watch this video 2.8 million people: We're gonna end this mans whole career

  • After this Video i Need Spongebob to repair my Brain 😥

  • Totally nobody watched 2.7 million views lol

  • Can u get my first win

  • Can you help me to get account with seson 3skins and more you are the best youtuber in the world

  • Why didn’t u pick up the combat shotgun?

  • What happened to XD clan and XdCreamy

  • Did you guys see him kill jynx freshes partner

  • I just did

  • Who else saw the thumbnail and thought it was a zombie

  • I watched the Fortnite video lols 😂😂

  • He killed jynx at 1 point

  • if anyone watches mrfreshasian, mccreamy killed jynx. 8:24

  • Why upload it then

  • WTF

  • Bro pinky I bet I could meat you in a 1v1 you won’t 1v1 me ps love your vids keep up the good work

  • Nerd

  • The power of the icecream skin

  • can you[mccreamy] gift me a skin. my name is TTVLilbruv26 or maliciousmo

  • What servers do these guys play on because all those other teams are bots

  • Did anybody notice that he knocked jynx at 8:23

  • Roses are red violets are blue oh look I got a like but why is it blue

  • Bet

  • I like how not even the Fortnut RUvideors take Fortnite seriously

  • 8:23 he killed jynx Mrfreshasians trio partner

  • Steps to making a mccreamy video 1. Briefing 2. Gameplay 3. More Briefing. 4. Montage

  • Is it just me or does mau have a new name every video

  • You got more wins in one video than I did in a year

  • 2.57 you had a rift

  • “You won’t watch this fortnite video” 2.7 mil people YOU WOT MATE

  • Bet

  • The creamy has been realest

  • u killed jynx... thats mrfreshasions trio partner

  • 8:47

  • XD 💯

  • Bet

  • Use code ben

  • When you see 3 rats but one of them is creamy and the rest is ceeday and fearless and I say fight each other Creamy:bet Ceeday: 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️😂👌 Fearless:hell ya y'all going to get botted Creamy:🤔🤔🤔 3hrs later Creamy:10hp 100 shield Ceeday10hp 50 shields Fearless:dead Ceeday die boi Creamy kills whit sniper Ceeday:dead Creamy wins

  • i did

  • Ur better then faze jarvis😂 u should be faze mccreamy

  • Ok this is old but at 5:39 I think I heard the n word🗿

  • 8:23 u killed jynx .

  • Goodluck

  • U forgot to count a win

  • I watched it

  • Lol I’ve watched this fortnite video 4 times

  • Wheb u put that in the video u hav double visits lol

  • Try doing solos for once

  • What happened to xd, sad boi hours gamers

  • Can you plz gift me the battle pass plz gamer tag fearless-tiger12

  • At 8:22 he killed jynx

  • Mccreamy vs fresh 1v1

  • He's not sweaty He's Just *Creamy*

  • 8:00 what was that wtf

  • At 2:58 You could’ve used the rift....

  • so you have something against PS4S MCJIZZY?!??

  • Me: Who Decided That ? hm?

  • I can’t even get a win in season 10 sweating really hard :/

  • Jay you were slaying