you won't watch this fortnite video lol

Published on Jun 17, 2019
i'm the most underrated fortnite player in the world (fastest builder and editor and gets so many victory royales)
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  • im gonna be the best player in the world

  • Anyone else notice that he only had three arena points in the beginning? Also this took him really long to make bc in the beginning mau’s name is just mau but then he changes to ICON mau?

  • McCreamy: I’m literally sweating. Me: No. Ice creams don’t sweat, they MELT 😂

  • That’s why you should take Combats over tactical shotguns 🤦‍♂️

  • You get angry because you can't win 1 day but i get angry because I cant get a win in 1 month

  • i will watch this video

  • Title: you won’t watch this video lol Me: so right I won’t Jk

    • Eric Noriega ill give u a like :p

  • He actually got eight wins

  • McCreamy + Combat = ❤️🔥

  • You should do a challenge where you pretend to be the balls in COD that explode but when you hit someone you hop out of the ball

  • I wont watch it AHHAHAHAHAHA FUCK

  • Your right I won’t watch the video

  • 😂😂he lost 40 points before he played the last game

  • creamy: you won’t watch this video me: *watches it*

  • *you won't watch this fortnite video* 2mil views

  • You got 8 Wins in a row you forgot to count one


  • Bro how did you guess?

  • i used ur code

  • but i did watch it

  • you forgot to change it to four wins once you got a dub

  • wrong

  • Crackeddddd

  • He has more wins in one video than i do in total

  • so i sweat my ass off and you just get 6 wins in a row ? tell me how tf did you get6 wins and i sweat so mufu ass off bruv

  • I watched it


  • Yeah i wont

  • Do ur friends ever get mad wen u carry them lol

  • did mccreamy qualify for the world cup he better of

  • I didn’t notice the music threw put the hole video (LOL

  • Rosa skin is the best. One of the rarest and most underrated.

    • You mean the ones with the hearths? It's underrated.

  • Mccremy: You won't watch this fortnite video Well I'm watching!

  • Your right I did god dang it

  • Hi can you gift me my name is Flygande_Potatis

  • Who remembers xd

  • Yea yea

  • i use code creamy 🤪💙

  • I’m using code lazar

  • *BET*

  • You are a god

  • Yo I just started watching this dude and he’s funny no cap

  • McCreamy is a beast

  • Code creamy :)

  • Mccreamy you lazarbeam and fresh should play squads

  • You inspire me to play on keyboard and mouse and I’m practicing to become like you I’m trying I’m getting better and someday I will be just like you

  • ADD TTMX-sile

  • U are right I won’t watch this fortnite video Wait if I’m commenting so am I watching or? Illuminati

  • Take on me

  • Title: you won’t watch this Fortnite video LOL Me: SAY THAT TO THE *2.4 MILLION*