I died and Spectated Nick Eh 30 and he WIPED THE LOBBY... (Kiwiz vs Nick Eh 30 & Myth)

Published on Jul 20, 2019
I died and Spectated Nick Eh 30 and they WIPED THE LOBBY...
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I died and Spectated Nick Eh 30 and they WIPED THE LOBBY... I hope you guys enjoy this Fortnite Battle Royale Funny Moments Gameplay video! Today, we go in Fortnite Friday and spectate nick eh 30 and TSM Myth, Nate Hill and High distortion!
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Razz: ruvideo.info/channelUCpXJth6SHX4efUA6kDefltw
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  • You those talk to much 😯

  • Kiwis you are toxic and salty as man I’ve unsubbed

  • I’m deaf so I do t have to listen to this guys bs

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  • Formula a good youtuber but not ment for comp

  • What up

  • His banner is red not gray

  • Nick was honestly such a good sport even though he knew he’d clap them

  • I guess I have ten years of bad luck then😕

  • He using L door his floor and L is across the keyboard from wasd

  • Why are we ignoring 8:23

  • 1M views and 90+K likes so does that mean they'll bad luck ? You sucker you wont have revenue for 10 years if you dont giveaway you pc.

  • Kiwis Formula Nicks Randumb I changed my mund

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  • No one: LG:*GoAtEd*

  • Nick Eh 30 has to be the most best family friendly streamer and normal streamer overall

  • Kiwis vs Myth vs Nick eh 30 “Formula: am I a joke too you


  • Legend has it he is still not going to grandmas house

  • Call me out if I’m wrong, but doesn’t Nick Eh 30 use anonymous mode?

  • Hi

  • That's a power ranger

  • This guy pisses me off so much hw even out myth in the title ... he’s a bot as well someone just fucking k...

  • Wtf would he put “is that nick” when he’s playing squads with him? Obviously it’s him you idiotIce scumbag... And nice spraying that can wasting it I see a real environmentalist.. go fuck yourself I can’t believe you’d do that

  • Am I the only one who hates formula he just holds back kiwiz

  • Why is this man always calling people a bot or he be saying this is a bot lobby😤

  • Formula said there not that bad kiwis goes there bad

  • Y’all should check my fortnite montage

  • That’s amazing

  • HI

  • Your a good player

  • Kiwiz: What The Hell Is This Skin? Me: Then Why Did You Even Buy It?

  • Hi I'm Kiwiz and I'm addicted to eating glade

  • Big Streamers: 1 ping “my ping today is trash” Me: 62 ping “Yay my record for the lowest ping”

    • Cody Wolever lol ikr

    • Ik they have 2 ping and they say they lag lol

  • Hola

  • Formula vid: died and spectated Nate Hill and he was the best sniper Kiwiz vid: I died and spectated Nick Eh 30 and WIPED THE LOBBY

  • And the ozone thanks you

  • you call everyone ‘ kids’ but you killed bots and got clapped of a good player so ...

  • Your cute

  • Formula is ass at fortnite and he calls every one kids

  • Much love

  • Wym is that nick!?

  • Nicks a goat

  • I subbed cause I felt bad for you spraying all that I experienced it

  • I hate how they call people nerds like nigga look at yourself

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  • Kiwiz doesn't know how many players are in lobby

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  • 8:24 in sync drinking the big pot

  • 0:46 Robob*tch and Megaf*ggot reunite and makes kiwiz

  • Ur room stink that why u did that

  • his teeth are yellow

  • Kiwiz had a gray ak and didn't take the green one

  • Rip glad can

  • Any 2019 27 july

  • thank you kiwiz being nice and saying there good. formula was salty the whole time.

    • He called the kids that killed hin nerds

  • “This kid has a pet for his backbling”

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  • Room real nice smellin

  • Red

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  • I watched this from formula view

  • those kids were so sweaty dude, dude look at your forehead its dripping

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  • Nick and Myth start at 10:29

  • Kiwiz “Looks like a transformer” Me “ITS VOLTRON!”

  • He's 1 shot only hit him 60 blue

  • Nick eh 30 is irrelevant now