UNDERTALE - Part 1 (Full Series)

Published on Jan 30, 2016
Undertale: store.steampowered.com/app/391540/
Full Playlist: ruvideo.info/pl/PLYH8WvNV1YElCy3QWbIKO0Oc_jZStLhL7
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Today I'm testing out a series of a new game that probably no one has ever heard of: UNDERTALE.
I wanted to try out and upload it all at once - since no one has heard of this game before!
So you can... enjoy it all at once!
Game description:
Welcome to UNDERTALE. In this RPG, you control a human who falls underground into the world of monsters. Now you must find your way out... or stay trapped forever.
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  • "People die if they get killed" NO SHIT SHERLOCK

  • If tseires was a monster vs friskpie XD

  • The name of the girl that is your character is frisk

  • Pewds: i can imagine jack liking this character Me:guys should we tell him

  • cinnamon

  • Felix: should i be felix or pewds Me: you should be *pelix* now officially named pelix in your head, you are filled with *determination*

  • Pewdiepie should play as voice actor for Papyrus.

  • deltarune

  • Pewdiepie: i don't like monster's winning Me: ur going to genaside

  • Real name is frisk

  • Seeing Toriel gets horribly murdered it fills you with Tears...

  • Me when I beat a boss with 1 health left... 46:51

  • “People die if they get killed” Lazarbeam in the next room “well yea thats how life fukin works

  • The main character’s name is Frisk

  • when the human in the beginning isn’t you: 😳 edit: Flowey Flower’s abbreviation is F.F, which is also an abbreviation for a JoJo characters name, which is Foo Fighters. damn.

  • Wtf my favorate game undertel

  • BuT MaAm.

  • You know pewds is a good gamer if in the first minute he thinks the music is good

  • Pewdiepie! No. Its pronounced: pew deh pah!!!

  • Do you want to have some bad time? By:sans

  • That’s not the end btw

  • I love under tale and it has my pumped up music

  • I like how everyone is too busy screaming about froggit instead of making fun of Felix mispronouncing Papyrus.

  • Pewdiepie: What a cute little flower! I think we'll be best friends! Flowey, while his theme called "Your best friend" is playing: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa

  • hey felix kjellberg, what exactly does sans do in-game?

  • The humans were victorious F R O M T H E N I C K E L O D E O N S H O W

  • 2020 anyBoDy?????

  • Both..now im hungry

  • Pewdiepies intro: HI GUYS PEWDIEPIE here My intro:*silence*

  • 2020?


  • This looks like what a parent would want to watch as you let me see this and see if I want to buy this game for my child but I cannot tolerate your cussing, using the Lord's name in vain. Clean up your mouth!

  • Seriously dude, can't you just comment withour being vulgar dropping the f-bomb??

  • Dead toriel no wonder he did not met omega flowey

  • Happy 201X now.

  • "how it going bros my name is pewdiepie" I feel old

  • I try Wanna good ending but it's really hard but I Like it the story line

  • The very culminating of your being

  • I love butterscotch! And Oml, You just gave me an idea on how to play this game or i would've just stood not knowing what to do. Thanks!

  • Thru this whole thing i was paranoid that pewds was just going to kill everything for exp

  • sub to pewdiepie 9000,000,000,000😎😎😎😎

  • pewduepie your my king

  • Flowey: Pewds: where going to be good friends Sans: so you have chosen death

  • I was like DONT KILL all alog

  • cinnamon.

  • This was my first undertale playthrough that i watched

  • 46:44 best dub.

  • Pewds:Let's not Kill people *Trys to kill Napstablook* Me:NOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • 3:05

  • I dislike because u kill Froggit

    • Now I like the video after I watch All Under tale series

    • Cedie Galura you dislike the video because he played the game differently?

  • =3 MT EB-BUT XD


  • I might be a little bit late, but I like butterscotch.

  • Frisk is her real name

  • Pewdiepie:maybye it has no name Me: its name is frisk

  • Me still not understanding why you did choose butterscotch XD

  • The original name of the player is “Frisk”!

  • A game you might not heard: UNDERTALE NOW: THE FANDOM HAS GROWN

  • 35:23

  • hi pewds sans is in smash so thats gud

  • hi pewds sans is in smash so thats gud