7 Strange Rules Every Sister Has To Follow In The Loud House

Published on Jul 18, 2019
7 Strange Rules Every Sister Has To Follow In The Loud House
You will not believe the things in these episodes i found. The family has some very crazy rules! Lincoln loud is going to be upset.


  • My mom 10000000004and my dad have me and my dog

  • I sit in the front at12

  • It’s a cartoon

  • Wow discipline

  • I am nine and I sit in the front set beside you have to be tall enough to sit in the front seat

  • It’s called dyed hair and goth

  • She is not adopted Lucy is just like that

  • Why does the thumbnail look like Sr.Pelo’s video “AUGUST #SavePelo”

  • my little brother is only 7 and he sits in the passenger seat 😐😐

  • lucy just don't give a care she's edgy and she might have dyed her hair

  • #2 is wrong one of the twins are home schooled

  • One goes to home school and they can date

  • There’s only 11 kids, it’s even in the intro lmao


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  • How low is this guy's i.q

  • *_act like i said something cool_*

  • I got 11 Pet

  • he said so guys 25 times

  • I always in the passenger seat when me 9

  • Ummm the front seat rules Is 12 not 13 And you pointed at luan And said she is under 13 shes 14 not under 13 even tho the real rule is 12 anyways

  • Ronnie N kissed Lincoln

  • When teh adopted one Lucy is not adopted she takes after her grandma Henriett and she’s a gouth and one of the vids says when she was born she just stared at the parent in the hostpital so your wrong

    • Holy fuck, your English is horrendous. I barely understood your comment. I agree with what you're saying, but learn to type and spell properly.

  • I am not home schooled

  • The reason Lucy doesn't have a seat belt on is because there not moving

  • Lola is home schooled

  • Guys he has 666k+ views on this video

  • Bruh number 7 really I already did that a seat in the front Edit: also this is just a cartoon

  • I’m Homeschooled 😁

  • 5:10 Where Did You Get The Lori And Bobby Scene?

  • 11 not 12

  • I sit in the front and I am 9

  • 11 kids

  • actually it's 11 siblings

  • The thumbnail. C O P P A

  • I'm homeschooled this is my first year in homeschool I was in Public School before

  • How is there a person adopted in the family if like there's 9 sisters and one brother then if someone's adopted why would the mom and dad want 10 sisters and 1 brother

  • Hows being adopted a rule??

  • Are u referring the loud house kids as dogs cuz that's just rude

  • Yo