iOS 13 Released! Top 13 New Features

Published on Sep 19, 2019
iOS 13 is here with game controller support, a better volume HUD, dark mode, better maps, Apple Arcade, a revamped Photos app, swipe keyboard and so much more. After testing the software for the better part of four months these are my top 13 new features and changes!
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  • dark mode still look kinda janky

  • How is it that the health app is on my iPhone and my Apple Watch but not on my iPad Pro?

  • Great redesign but battery life on IOS13 sucks. Hope they release a new update soon.

  • When ever I connect my ps4 controller it’s red for a second then it turns off please help

  • iOS 13 gang

  • Lmao nice lyric choice of all songs 🤦🏼‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • I love turtles!🐢

  • i have ios 13 but in my keyboard settings i don’t have the slide to text toggle to swipe in text. what is going on? :(

  • Hahahahaha this the best beta ios13 🤗

  • I tried everything to update my 2018 iPad Pro and no luck. I know devices go out of date sooner, but is my iPad no longer upgradable?

    • Update is only available for iPhones. iPads next week.

  • This is the best update for my XR everything is just so smooth

  • The only problem is the battery drains faster...

  • One change I have noticed is a smaller personal hotspot banner which is really helpful for me

  • Here is an article on the Forbes Magazine website that talks about problems with the iOS 13 upgrade. Sam, what have you heard about this?

  • Thanks good job

  • Plz how could i download video from youtube through safari 🤔🥴

  • It also lets you watch videos on the photos app at the same time you are hearing music 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Did Apple just shoot itself in the foot by making my iPhone 6s Plus MUCH FASTER than B4....I was thinking about buying the 11 pro max.......BUT now-I think I will save $1200......

  • he choses the most explicet song ever :)

  • Didn’t strike me as a Lil West fan lmao

  • The music app is one of my iOS 13 app

  • Swipe-up Qr reader was in ios 12

  • iOS 13 brought the ability to set any Live Photo as a live wallpaper on the iPhone XR Apple just didn’t give any live wallpapers for it so there’s no live section in wallpaper but Live Photo’s work as live wallpapers on the iPhone XR

  • Can you do a speed test

  • For maps, I couldn’t replicate the look around feature

    • Cupertino, San Fransisco, Oakland, Berkley and other Bay Area locals. Las Vegas, Honolulu, Hawaii also. Zoom in on any of these locations until you see the binocular icon then your good to go. Use normal map navigation tools such as pinching in or out to zoom and scrolling to move around. Zoom in until binocular icon appears then click on it.

  • I’m happy to see a RUvideo uses iPhone XR. It doesn’t look bad at all! Its just seems like every RUvideor are all using the xs.

    • Phungurific just because it’s the expensive one, Xr and xs are both very equivalent devices

  • You can now finally delete multiple emails in one go in mail on IOS 13 by selecting all then bin.

  • Thanks bro

  • What’s the name of the game at 4:00 and 4:27?

  • Hi Sam I cant find look around on my app

    • Add Las Vegas to the mix.

    • San Fransisco's there also. Oakland and Berkley. So pretty much the San Fransisco Bay Area. Makes sense. The vehicles with the video cameras probably came out of the Apple Campus in Cupertino and went to the nearest cities to do their work.

    • Ohh, once your at a location where Look Around is enabled you’ll see a pair of binoculars. Click on them and your in. After that use regular map navigation techniques to move around. I.E. pinch in and out to Zoom in and out. Scroll to move around the map. I only went in one direction from Cupertino and ended up in Santa Cruz and points south. Haven’t tried any other directions from Cupertino. Also haven’t attempted to move out of Honolulu so don’t know how much more of Hawaii is available. Try it for yourself and good luck.

  • Lyrics flow with time existed back in 2000 on many cheap mp4 players. So technically this feature is supported by Apple after 20 years. /s

  • Ios 13 battery life on xr

  • Im guessing lyrics only works on downloaded Apple Music because I don’t see lyrics on any of my songs

  • I don’t have look around on maps

  • IOS13 bricked my X. :(

  • Another great change is the update mechanism in the App Store. It feels much cleaner.

  • How’s the battery life thoug?

    • Mine not doing good. I’m on iPhone 7 Plus with 83% of battery wear. It drains much faster than i was on iOS 12.4.1. On iOS 12, the battery life is much better than those iOS 12.4.1 and iOS 13

    • Nas Nalbaz same or a little bit better than iOS 12 in XR


  • can you please make a video on how to downgrade from IOS 13.1 Beta to the Official IOS 13?

    • RuskiVodka I’m on 13.1 beta 4 and I live in New Zealand, I still don’t have the update 🙁 idk why

  • can u explain what is the dwell control on assistant touch settings on ios 13 ..tnk u

  • There is a flyover optioning maps in some cities and it gives you a tour of the city landmarks which is pretty cool

  • New editing features in Photos app. Rotate function works great. Old one only rotated a few degrees.

  • cant wait for ipados

  • Is arcade free like tv + with new phones?

  • No mouse control? Just the ipad has it. I heard its comming to iPhone

    • Moishe Tiudic it has, Settings>accessibility>touch>assistive touch> devices> Bluetooth devices

  • Do someone know if iOS 13 is also available today for iPad also? I’m not sure if we have to wait longer or what?

  • I will never using dark mode & will never coming with it on my apps!

    • With your command of the English language you won’t need to.

  • 5:52 There's one thing that's really upset me about the way people talk about Siri's female voice: people keep referring to Susan as the voice artist for Siri's original voice. However, not only is it unlikely she's the voice of the recent Siri from iOS 7 onward, but there's dozens of different Siri voices in different dialects and languages, in both male and female. Siri is not defined by it's voice, it's neither a he or she, it's just a complex algorithm and program that runs in the background. Text-to-speech is a great thing, and it's great that  has improved the voice, but I really wish people would finally stop touting the voice of Siri as if it was actually Siri. You can listen to your device read with Siri's voice without even using Siri. The 2 things are completely separate. This concludes my rant on poor technicalities. Don't worry. I gave the video a like. I'm not mean.

  • How can I try look around I can’t find one place that I can try it on.

    • San Fransisco! Just drove the Look Around binoculars across the Golden Gate Bridge.

    • It’s only available in California at the moment I think

    • Eileen Garcia Try Honolulu, Hawaii

    • In maps enter Apple Campus Cupertino. Maps will take you there. Click on the binoculars and look around. Pinch on the map to zoom out then you can drive the binoculars around even down freeways I’ve gone all the way to The Beach Boardwalk in Santa Cruz and am now moving down Hwy 1(Pacific Coast Hwy) not sure how far I can go and some locations don’t have Look Around Feature yet . Apples claiming full coverage down the road.

  • 13 is a unlucky number Cmon it’s day of my birth

  • I'm excited for IOS 13! My space gray 64GB iPhone Pro Max is on the way... 😄

    • Its enough storage for me! Plus I pay for extra iCloud storage And I deleted or disable some of the stuff that come preloaded on the device

    • 64GB? 🤦‍♂️

  • I’m disappointed on the maps view function. The look around feature doesn’t look like it works for anything other than that Apple campus. Is it the same case for anyone else and should it be resolved in iOS 13.1? Really wanted to use the crap out of it and see how far it could go.

    • San Fransisco, Oakland and Berkley, California and Las Vegas too.

    • Works in Honolulu, Hawaii. I just got back and you know it really didn’t take that long. So Cupertino and Santa Cruz, California and Honolulu, that’s seems to be it today.

    • No you can actually drive the binoculars down the road and the freeways. I’m at the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk as I type this. Traffic looks heavy on Pacific Coast Hwy near Watsonville. Avoid if possible. Don’t know how far I can go. Does anyone know how many MPH binoculars get?

  • Nice

  • My Xbox controller won’t connect w h y

  • The arcade tab is retarded. It should have been included on the games page. Instead, they removed the update apps tab and hid it under account settings...

  • Where’s fonts

  • Swype writing is only supported in a few countries, Just enough to know

  • When does the JoyCon support comes?

  • I just downloaded the iOS 13 it is way faster on my iPhone X

  • How do I upgrade to iOS 13

    • If you have an iPhone 6s, iPhone SE or newer, go to the settings, go to general, go to software update and it’s right there 🤦‍♂️

    • Gaming Toast have u ever used an iPhone 📱 before?