I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months

Published on Jun 11, 2019
I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months and as one may tend to think when hearing about another individual getting their mouth shut it uhh...
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  • haha grape

  • wait, so if ur jaw was wired shut, u couldn't lick ur lips if they were dry?!?!?!? AHHHH!

  • First video I've seen of yours And I already love you Keep being you, dude.

  • At the end did he say like the smash botton

  • Chicken nuggets

  • 95% of this video cis him exaggerating

  • Watching Adam eat a burrito while I eat a taco

  • You should tell your brother to also make animations and he is KshotTV right

  • happy birthday to me, you uploaded on my B-day!

  • Ya see that dimple😍😍 Grape 😂😂

  • I love tomato swoup

  • as someone trying to lose weight, i totally get the whole thing about watching people eat. i think it's because you live vicariously through them, so it almost satisfies you in a way.

  • So Adam how you like your grapes now?

  • Happy early birthday my dude

  • Demonitizy boi shouldve been demonitized right here 1:33

  • Hi this Adam 👢👢🙎🏾‍♂️


  • My jaw is croked

  • Adam, you did terrific on the animation. its great I think its one of my favorite videos now

  • Who's watching in 2028?

  • Bro you look like markipliar

  • 2:54 then say poo at 2:56 say Poo.

  • Lol my friend said you died in a car crash

  • I feel like I’d do the same in the situation, but actually try to bite my brother. DO NOT GET IN THE WAY OF MY FOOD.

  • i have to get jaw surgery in a few years and this sksksks did not help soneskekekkee im so terrified skendonenene

  • They didnt give you CHOCOLATE MARLK OMO

  • 7:12 you can thank me later

  • this video went deep in my heart..;( RIP X HES MY BIGGEST INSPIRATION

  • Didn't know your brother Nogla

  • Happy birthday

  • at 2:12 he said "we've been taking food for GRANITE our entire lives!" ........it is granted

  • You released that video at my birthday.:D What a coincidence

  • man I want me a gods cylinder

  • Hey Adam, I subscribed to AdamThe Random1, Adamrokinrollin, A&B Community, Batman and King and this channel (Originally Trolldawgz). Is that enough!?

  • I have a retrognathic jow

  • Noticed how he said like that smash button

  • 12:23-12:26 🤣🤣 anyway don’t forget to like that smash button

  • Chocolate milk

  • Don’t forget to like that smash button 🤣

  • Soooooo I was born with a HUMONGOUS overbite and my orthodontist said that I’m gonna need surgery to fully get it fixed. (Yes I’m still getting braces but STILL) Sooooo thanks for the insight 🙃

  • All other RUvideors: SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON!! Jaiden Animations: please don’t dislike the video... SomeThingElseYT: Like that smash button!!!!

  • It’s almost you b day

  • Man, straight up torturing yourself with boosts. You could have blended up all sorts of better homemade stuff instead.

  • I will eat you Omg that part had deeaadd

  • Happy birthday Adam SomeElseYT

  • “like that smash button” ? 😂😂

  • OAO

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  • like that smash butten

  • Adom the random one

  • Commen sense

  • U haven't been getting DEMONITIZED, have you..?

  • Why is nobody talking about him eating his brother!!!!

  • Kshottv

  • Oof

  • Boosts fucking suck, they taste like milk mixed with spit I feel ya cuz i was in da hospital for 5 weeks

  • Happy early birthday Adem!!!

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  • Happen birthday in 1 day June 17

  • Did anyone else hear the sound of happy from fairy tail at 6:34

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  • *"FINALLY SOMETHING DIFFERENT"* *brother goes for the soup* *grabs him intentionally and mumbles farosiously* "I WILL FUCKING EAT YOU"

  • Oh my gosh! Weenie hut general

  • Well, if you don't have a nose, how did you breathe?

  • new style is neat!

  • 1:30 *I will demonetized you*

  • I can definitely tell the difference in your voice

  • 7:11 best part of the video

  • Asmr eating

  • I have TMD/TMJ and the doctor said if it gets any worse then I have to get jaw surgery lmao but it hurts like a bITc-

  • Imagine if this video was made in 2016 and Jaiden watched it.

  • Omg, I'm getting jaw surgery tomorrow, and I was super scared, but made feel better

  • 12:24 “Like that smash button” -Adam

  • i had the same thing as u except it was for my hole in my neck they said i needed to drink canned milk for the rest of my life but when i hit 10 i started to eat regular food AnD oMg WaS tHaT gOoD 10 years of drinking milk and it felt so much better when i ate food

  • I HATE tomato soup. I seriously have trauma from tomato soup😭😂

  • I love his animation style😍😍❤️

  • Happy birthday adam


  • Through the wire

  • why is the sound so low?

  • Haha weenie hut general 😂 Like if you remember that SpongeBob episode

  • Grabs sensor block i love this channel

  • Happey birthday tomorrow ❤ 17th june right?

  • Are you related to MaRkIpLiEr?

  • this boy and his chocolate milk lmao, me too due is ok, that burrito sounded hella good tho 💀

  • This shit fire hot 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • what if you hade to puke....

  • While your jaw was wired I was fasting and I did watch videos of people eating. I know how you feel


  • Like that smash button button it will turn blue :3 👇🏻

  • I love your videos but I have a story one time I thought it would be fun to jump off five stairs because I thought It’d be super cool but when I land my head bumps into my knee and I have a bloody mouth because I but my lip and tongue but nothing happened I my jaws or teeth I think

  • Wait how can you talk if ur mouth is shut?

  • Haha pomegranate

  • I remember a couple months ago I added you on snap and texted hi without expecting a response. Adam texted me back hi and I freaked out and texted him like 4 times and never got answered lol.

  • i laughed so hard 😂

  • quiet in the peanut gallery

  • like that smash button whaa ???? 12:25

  • Getting my mouth wired shut is one of my fears for some reason. I lived with braces for the majority of my life and hated all of it. When I finally got them off, I was so happy that after month of wearing retainers for both the top and bottom row of teeth I said fuck all that lol. Thankfully my teeth stayed relatively straight despite not wearing the retainers but I just don't want to have to deal with that shit anymore. I still have an overbite that they never corrected and as I get older my lock-jaw seems to get more common. I REALLY hope I don't have to go through this too as I love food way too damn much haha.

  • I drink a Boost for breakfast, an Ensure for dessert Somebody ordered pancakes, I just sip the sizzurp

  • I kindda have dis exsept I can only eat extreamly soft foods.(WHY CAN'T I SPELL?!)