Batwoman | First Look Trailer | The CW

Published on May 16, 2019
Batwoman is coming Sundays this fall to The CW! Stream free next day only on The CW App.
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Batwoman | First Look Trailer | The CW


  • Good thing she hasn't stumbled on the Arrowcave yet...but that's coming.

  • No

  • People doesn’t get the message they are trying to bring and it’s making me mad that they hate on it instead of just leaving it alone it’s disrespectful...

  • I cant belive they made it like Batman left Gotham and he would never do that. Also she said the suite would be better when a woman can fit it

  • CW you have failed The Arrowverse

  • I don't like the manly look of Batwoman They should have hired a nice looking feminine woman I wouldn't pay a penny to watch it & millions others won't either

  • If you want to see a show that promotes female homosexuality in a well written way with a well written story line and well written characters then go watch Lost Girl instead of this. Well written story line with well written characters which doesnt shove agenda down the viewers throat but instead treats the issue of homosexuality just like any normal romantic relationship.

  • I know I don't speak for everyone, but I wish CW would catch on that a lot of us prefer the "I'm the best, and I'm also a woman" rather than the "I'm the best because I'm a woman." The former way of thinking is what has lost them so many fans on Supergirl, Legends, and now this.

  • It makes me cringe when they put politics in superhero shows. I don't mind a little as long as it takes shots at both ends of the spectrum, but when the entire show is based on a political agenda that's when I tap out.

  • The cringe hurts. It's actually painful to watch. Oh my god...

  • this is the best argument against modern feminism i have seen in a long time. thx cw

  • Why couldn’t they have just made a cat woman show instead of ruining Batman with this gender bullshit.

  • I would watch this, but my doctor said to keep an eye on my stress levels!

  • Since the other comment has been deleted which kept a count of whether they're removing dislikes or not... Comment the date and number of dislikes now. (I think the record high was 443k before the started deleting it)

    • I'll start. September 23rd :- 440k dislikes.

  • Did I just fall in love?

  • I watched this trailer before watching captain marvel so I'd like the movie much more

  • Holy Christ, there is actually like 5x dislikes than likes... thats a little too much guys. Sure they are trying WAY too hard to push a political point, and it's quite unnecessary. But we can still hope that this trailer was just a cash grab to get feminist supporters on board and the actual show will be more dialed back. Doubtful, but we can hope. Although props to CW to actually getting permission to include Gotham. But honestly? CW? We don't need more representation, most of the badasses of the CW are the female characters anyway. The Lances, Felicity, Alex, Lena, Caitlen, etc. This is just beating a dead horse. If you want Rep and LGBT Supergirl & Legends has plenty, and Arrow & Flash are a bit less but still there. And to think this was supposed to replace Arrow

  • On a lighter note, Disneys new commercial shows Mary Poppins giving a decisive snap of the fingers. Someone needs to get busy with their video editor software and put an Infinity Gauntlet on her hand.

  • WTF..... DC

  • I didn't realize this trailer was so sexist jeez

  • This is just like in Batman & Robin, when Barbara found out the bat cave and decided to have a suit, but at least she didn't try to become gender swap Bruce Wayne.

  • First Teen Titans Go,now this? MARVEL WINS,THE END


  • the socialist liberal democrat antiffa feminist agenda movie , apparently bat woman likes bat puss .otherwise looks like it might be a good movie

  • Why all the hate? just curious

    • @Anime Freak Based on CW's track record and all the Batwoman trailers they have shown I have a very low opinion of it.

    • @Rectal Enforcer I'm going to watch it. Looks good in my opinion

    • @Anime Freak I'm fine with more animated batman shows, rather than CW getting their hands on it.

    • @Juicy Smellit Yet it hasn't even aired on TV yet

    • @Rectal Enforcer Fox owns the right to Batman and won't make a TV series of him ever

  • “im not going to let a man take credit for a womans work” Well i wanna know what’s behind this🤔 batman gave up on them, so something is wrong, maybe he didn’t... i’ll have to watch it to figure out everything and i can’t wait for that!!!!

  • Dont care that everyone hates it i am going to watch it

  • This is disappointing because it isn’t batman/woman. The dark knight said it best “Because we have to chase him. Because he's the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now, so we'll hunt him. Because he can take it, because he's not a hero. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector, a Dark Knight.” That’s what they should focus on, not the fact she’s a woman

  • Music Meister should be in this

  • What catwoman wasn't good enough? What's next, superwoman? Oh wait, too late ...

  • Liberalism. Homosexuality and most of all man hating gender fluid propoganda is what this show is about. Mark my words. Good ratings day 1. Then by week 2 drop 50 percent. Canceled after AT MOST 2 seasons. This is what this crap deserves.

    • Sadly, CBS and AT&T, who are the CW, do not care how much of their investors money they waste to keep this on the air. From the trailer, it is obvious that they've never cared about interesting characters and plots. Nope, just broadcast the SJW nonsense as if things were as horribly wrong as they want you to believe. Don't expect proof of the awfulness they will tell you is out there, as there isn't any.

  • What a piece of crap.

  • Who else is here for the Comments and the Like / Dislike ratio?🤣

  • When the comment section is better than the actual serie.

  • Why did the original batsuit have boobs

  • Instead of bird box it’s bat box

  • does this have more dislike than diablo blizzard announcement?

  • Best tralier everrrr haters gona hate right

  • Ruby Rose was literally the last person I expected to ever get cast as Batwoman.

  • This show is the reason God stays in heaven

  • lol its funny to see what feminists think being a man is all about..

    • simply put, they want the fanfare for "manly acts" without ever having to actually do any of them.

  • Don't let this distract you from the fact that Hector is gonna be running 3 Honda Civic's with spoon engines. On top of that he just came into Harry's and ordered 3 t66 turbo's with NOS's and a Motec System Exhaust.

  • “I’m not about to let a man take credit for a woman’s work.” That line really bothers me for the reason is that she wants credit for fighting crime in Gotham, which isn’t why Bruce fights crime in the first place because he isn’t doing it for his own ego. Bruce does what he does so no 8 year old boy has to go through what he had experienced. Batwoman shouldn’t be truly be considered a hero if she thinks she should be owed a round of applause for fighting the criminals who make life in Gotham a living hell for the people who can’t defend themselves, she should fight crime because she can help people go to sleep much easier without worrying about the Joker setting off a bomb.

  • Are you kidding me smh

  • Oh by the way, thank you CW. I will never subscribe to your RUvideo channel or watch any series you put out because they seem like hot garbage, but the fact that these trailers are such trainwrecks does bring me a perverse sense of joy. :)

  • The trailers for this series are all hot steaming garbage. I am willing to bet money this series doesn't make it past one season.

  • Hey RUvideo and CW, since you are deleting about 100k dislikes when it reaches around 500k, why don't you delete some of this trailer's likes as well?

  • So why did they cast a little boy in the role of a girl?

  • Movie made for PC police SJWs for political correct SJWs.....GET WOKE GO BROKE.

  • Rooting SO hard for the Joker

  • CW = Cunty Women

  • 😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣worst movie ever😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂

  • Just here to check dislike, just like rewind 2018

  • Im confuse why everyone cringe about this?

  • Oh goody another show about identity politics, just want everyone wanted, except for normal fans, but the blue haired SJW'S will love it, not because it's good but because you have a gay woman playing Batwoman, who just happens to look like a a drag queen Batwoman, CW is nothing more than more anti straight male, anti entertainment, piss on this show, I look forward to seeing it cancelled.

  • Why is DC making teen soap opera versions of its shows. American mainstream television is just so off-putting for comic book adaptation. Why not take a page from the animated series? Or even a page from the comics themselves.

  • Dear actor who plays batwoman no hate on you ! Just the writers! Wish there is a way they can fix this ? I actually hate this trailer and hope they change it or explain why she says some things! Maybe batman was hit by omega beams by dark side or something they can fix why he is gone maybe he was kidnap and batwoman can get help from supergirl to save him or something I don't know they really need to fix this fast or o think it should get canceled asp!

  • She’ not black and transgender.You have to try harder...

  • DC hiring Zoe Quinn suddenly makes so much sense after watching this for the first time.

  • every now and then i come to this video to check the number of dislikes...... whenever i am upset.