I TRIED crazy PHONE HACKS to see if they actually work

Published on Aug 16, 2019
I TRIED crazy PHONE HACKS to see if they actually work w/ gloom
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Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to life hacks that will literally change your life.
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  • Mother:She's going to say her first word,hurry babe Dad:I'm coming Baby Azzy:HACKS,Five Minutes Hacks Parents:Huh?

  • With the lime, you were supposed to use the lightbulb because it was going to be a light inside the lime as the computer made the light turn on. 😂🤓😂

  • Hacks are what u call what everyone has

  • Gloom:I got any pops tickle sticks so we gotta use butter knives 🔪 Azzyland:ok Azzyland:just don’t cut anyone just dont cut me Mother:what the heck are u watching Me:vids?

  • I’ve seen those sand cases at Walmart as well

  • On the black light, i think you used the wrong markers

  • On the first one, the girl was jogging and she accidentally threw her phone. Then she decided to put the phone in the sleeve so that sh can continue jogging. So ya

  • I'm smart and my best friend maddy tries to be smart and I'm the smart one and she to be as smart as me!

  • Why does glom have two phones

  • does anyone else think there such perfect friends azzy and casy even their names rime

  • The 2d Hack actually works

  • hi

  • Five minute hacks:wow this works! Kids:mama why it’s my hack wrokinggg 😭😭😭

  • I went to the DIY one in glow-in-the-dark like you said I think it was you Elzhi I am a huge fan of you guys I love watching your videos it’s the best💖💗💖💗💖💗💖💗💖💗

  • your like sam and carly from icarly!

  • is she Bisexual the way she went at that pimple phone case...mm

  • The lime one looked like a microphone

  • U guys r soo cute and funny i wish i was ur friend as well

  • your trash azzy

  • What the heck are you doing you and your friend are just so crazy 🤯

  • are those and iPhone x xs or xr cause the light looks like and ipone x thing

  • Hello

  • Do they?????lol

  • How did you make the crystal ball one??

  • Haha

  • Can you react next to BT21 its like BTS but different

  • {\ - /} ( ^ ^) (v v) U U Easter bunny

  • >_< azzyland x_x

  • Who else saw Carl

  • I squirted my dads clone in my eyes once.

  • 11:11 its so your laptop doesn’t heat up (the picture frane) and the cushion is so you can be comfortable

  • I'm young right?

  • In the phone case back kassie was calling azzy but kassie was holding the phone the wrong way

  • On the laptop one it’s because it might over heat

  • Um azzy can i have a phone case that is shack proof the color is pink neon and has a name that is Zyrylle pls for free in the philipines in luzon cavite general trias gov. hills phase 9 b block 62 lot 30 in the blue house near the big water tank plsss i am broke.😥😥😥😥😥😥

  • They are technically making fun of people with glasses rude.

  • I love you ...from Bangladesh

  • The lime hack is not meant to charge your phones it’s meant to glow in the dark idk y

  • Azzyland :maby there's a better qhone! Me :I think she means MAKE A BETTER QHONE

  • 0 0 _8998

  • ### # #

  • [_]

  • l_l

  • I have glasses

  • Kassie: How'd you get your license? Azzy:I dIdN't

  • Did you know that this are all wack

  • Why are you using a fillet knife for a lime

  • Who’s better azzy or cassy

  • where do you get your phone cases? my family is poor and im trying to suprize them. please.

  • Haha 12:54

  • I want a friend like Azzy and Gloom😭



  • If you don't shut up I will turn the car around

  • On the bathroom hack azzys phone case said queen azzy 😆

  • Hdisahf hi ‘a

  • Hey what if yoi have an Android

  • My friend tried the flufy fonecase and it worked.I had to help her.

  • I love your home screen Azzy

  • every like brings baby kassie baby azzy vids