Letting The Person in FRONT of Me Decide What We Eat!

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HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! Today one of my favorite makeup artists and dear friends, Mmmmitchell is here!!! We travel to a few fast food spots and let the person in front of us, decide what we eat!! Never a dull moment when I leave the house... As the world's pickiest eater, this one was really tough for me... We also have a secret to share:
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  • Am I the only one who came here to read the new hate comments after James dropped his video ☕️🤭🐸

  • These hate comments are great fuck Jeffrey he fake

  • Why are you getting to James Charles Drama it’s NONE of your business all you want is fame, money, and attention smh🤦🏽‍♀️

  • “it’s pretty thick so you have to suck pretty hard” *thats what she said*

  • aside from all the drama, IM FROM BIRMINGHAM

  • Manny: uncanceled James: uncanceled Laura: still canceled Jeffree: canceled Gabriel: uncanceled Tati: canceled Zara: canceled

  • Wait, when did Wendy’s start selling breakfast though?! I’m shook!😂😭

  • Totally dislike him supper caddy.

  • y'all change your minds so quick we all know jeffree will be posting a video about the situation and y'all will start hating on james and subscribing back to jeffree and even if you won't, you still dont know the truth

  • Bye sister🖕

  • Character murderer

  • pls try MELT cosmetics palette gemini, twenty-seven and smoke session


  • Wait for Jeffree’s video. You’re all gullible as hell. I bet all the people attacking Jeffree are the same ones that were attacking James 2 days ago. Mindless drones.


  • On the edge of my seat waiting for the response to JC. Popcorn anyone?!

  • You are a horrible person. I can’t even believe I ever thought you weren’t as bad as people said.

  • he b lookin like a uglyass alien

  • 🐍🐍🐍🐍

  • you disgust us all.

  • You honestly need to mature. You’re way to old to be the center of drama. It’s childish & ignorant. Like who raised you. There’s something genuinely wrong w you.

  • BY SISTER! 👋🏻

  • Tf is wrong with our world like grow a pair this is so weird

  • You’re literally trash

  • you are a dumb bitch.

  • Your true colors and your sick heart has really shown Jeffree.

  • GeNeRAl GriEVioUS

  • You are scary man. Sorry

  • Fuck u nigga ur dumb as fuck gay ass nigga

  • I love Jeffree but it's horrible that he had added to the drama from someone's point of view that didn't have evidence at all. Like in Jeffree's tweet, karma can do its work.

  • Jeffree, I don't think its ok with you in your 30's and then you going online and basically bullying a child, please make an apology that ISNT acting and please and im begging you, don't get involved in drama.

  • I'm ready for this proof viiiiiiiideo

  • Everone has been horrible on one way or another. Hope we have all learned from this and don't jump to conclution. Everything has "multiple" truths. This is also the case with Jeffery Star. Don't hate, just to hate. We have not seen the whole conversation, only little snippets.


  • i felt like u and tati planned this out of spite. i really dont wanna see ur photoshop lies.....

  • Your a fucking snake

  • I use to like ur every single video but After watching truth behind everything I kinda disrespect u now....u are such a bitch and yeah not James but YOU ARE DANGEROUS TO OUR SOCIETY 🙄

  • Sssssss

  • Somehow EVERYONE lies on your name but you do no wrong lol

  • She’s a cold-hearted snake, look into her eyes. Uh oh. She’s been telling lies!

  • And just so you know James Charles pulled the biggest reverse card on you and exposed you so good luck getting out of it :)

  • I am just gonna say one word about you.. "BITCH."

  • People watch James latest Video and starts hating on Jeffree? Haters, you only got James side of the story. I mean. If only Tati says bad things about James then there are reasons to believe that the things she said might not be true. But heck. If more then one person says something doesn’t it mean there’s something really fundamentally wrong with James? How do you know that he doesn’t twist the story himself? He gave screenshots yes, but those that involve Jeffree are only those that insults him. Where is the front of the chat? Where is the end of the chat? All i see is the crop out insulting message posted and you guys just condemn Jeffree? Before you sisters comment “Why did you say those evil things to a 19 year old”, why don’t you ask James for the actual full conversation between him and Jeffree and has he really been honest about everything? Evidence can be manipulated. Sisters, think before you speak :)

  • He fucked up

  • congrats on losing like 80,000 subs! been with ya since never :)

  • Who else is waiting for jeffree's video to drop???

  • can't wait for the truthful video of the james charles saga

  • Bye sister

  • Jeffree it's time for you to expose James 100% and show these haters the truth

  • Why did you attempt to ruin James Charles' career? You're litteraly lying with most of the things on what you said. Especially when you litteraly bullied a 17 year old, how stupid are you? No one wants to be around you "predator." James litteraly explained every single scandal that he had in the past few weeks. So please, shut up. Thanks.

  • Omg jeffery like😂😂😂 I swear if u try to attack and make lies about james🤦‍♀️ SUBS U KNOW WHAT TO DO👏👏

  • Hey Jeffree! Can you do a makeup review on the brand "who's that girl?" You can find it in the kids toy section at walmart or target. I'm 20 and hesitant. But omg they have hair root glitter. 😂

  • in love with that blue makeup look!!!!

  • guess who’s cancelled now 🤭

  • Pfft pathetic

  • You are cancelled

  • i always knew tati was a 🐍, but what happened to you? 😷💔

  • You snake

  • I’ve never been to any of the places they just said. 😂😂

  • 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍

  • Yallll calm down leave jeffre star alone if u watch shane dawson u saw his life has been rough so calm down PERIOD

  • You’re fake 🤢 you’re just made James Charles surpassed the amount of subscribers you had 😭

  • Sorry jeffree I'm unsubscribing to you what you have done is really sick 😑 how could you? You need to learn from this and become a better person

  • UNSUBSCRIBED (: by sister Jeffree

  • This ain't it. James just got proven inocent. Can't wait for you to hit 13million so excited boo

  • you should have been fade out with MySpace.

  • what queens

  • Sorry what gender are you?

    • I Like Potato i think it’s they/them

  • In your insta story you just said you can't wait to tell your side of the story.. like honestly WHATEVER things you have yo say now doesn't really Matter cause things you said to a 19yr old shows what you are/ who you are 🐍

    • And your comment shows how gullible you are

  • You and Trisha are two peas in a pod

  • There’s 3 sides to every story one persons side,the others,and then the fucking truth which I doubt you’ll completely get from the beauty community

  • Honestly I’ve watched James video and I’m awaiting Jeffrees but I don’t think anyone is being completely honest because even though James did have some receipts something felt off and I can’t pinpoint what it is and I don’t trust any of them

    • Nishel Lavey ikr IF Shane unfollows you you’ve fucked it (however Shane is kind of bias to Jeffree so)

    • Same here! The fact that even SHANE unfollowed James tells me there is still something we don't know

  • Who else unfollowed after he Said what he said to Ian (minor)

  • You lying piece of shit!

  • I’m definitely unsubscribing after the James Charles video. Grow up Jeffree. Sad to watch a man of your age act the way you do AND feel good about it. Bye Sister.

    • +Nick Hamilton teehee ^-^

    • Nishel Lavey 😂😂😂😂

    • And we are sooo happy to lose fake fans like you byee :)

  • Horrible human being. Rolled his friend under the bus and lied about him and said horrible things to his brother. What a douche bag.

  • sorry jeffree, but your canceled from my life! and these peoples lives aswell ⬇

  • 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

  • You are no saint either, Jeffree. Post an apology to James or at least to Ian.

  • Ya'll just don't say anything let this emoji do it's thing 🐍

  • Where’s that response video 👀


  • Jeffery i was a big fan but u know what you hurt james really bad and honestly i can care less about you. You are nothing to me ok ONE DAY THE SISTER SQUAD WILL BE NUMBER 1

    • Nobody here cares about the "sister squad" espically not jeffree

  • all this time you played friend of James......James got into strom totally undeserved.....and suddenly you werent friend anymore.....you are really saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad sack of bones.... you are viper.....very poisonous person.... you accused James being predator....even tho you have admitted to do same....."preying str8 guys"...... you are fake ass bitch....and so done!

  • Dumb ass bitch wanna talk on minors , but what u need to do “honey” is keep your fake ass nose were it belongs .

  • You’re so annoying. I started liking you but damn what a loser

  • Jefree I'm still a supporter but damn did you goof up

  • James exposed you, you should've never gotten involved in this, your the one who should be cancelled

  • Its funny how easily persuaded people are shows you how so many so called “fans” are just snakes that lack loyalty, keep going Jeffree let these haters get what they deserve!! Expose the truth and show peoples true colors

  • You're wet🤮

  • How dare you talk to a 19 year old and 17 year old person with such profanity you your self talked about "Straight men" take nate for a example your using lies and YOUR OPINION to make other people on your side you have no proof and text messages to show and help your side you came in this for absolutely NO REASON what is the point of going after your supposedly "Best friend" your a 33 year old and your stooping down to someone who is literary 14 years younger than you you are a danger to society you have lived 13 more years than James you should know better to stoop down to a beginning adults level James is still really young and is learning from his mistakes your really messed up then to make the maters even worst bringing up lies and people who literary have been avoiding the situation and your pulling people like shane,grayson is so petty and just so weak pick on some one your own size and its sad how you speak something and when it comes from the actual person that's not how it goes but its jeffree Star what else do you expect SMFH

  • What you said to Ian is horrible. Just how you publicly humiliated him, you should PUBLICLY apologize.

  • Very sad about the way you handled the James Charles situation honestly Jeffree 😐😐😐. I've never judged the crazy shit you've done sis. 😕


  • Jeffrey sisss! Hurry up and upload your new video!!


  • Why were you so mean to james? Why did you spread rumors about him? That's cyber bullying. Nobody should have to go through that!

  • All you fuckers talking shit about Jeffree need to stfu, keep going Jef dont let the haters pull you down none of you have been as successful as him and never will be everything you are saying about him is pointless and irrelevant it dosnt effect his level of stardom, so keep talking its getting him more money and attention and views, you are not slowing down his paychecks!!! Love you Jeff!!

    • Get off of Jeff’s dick. He don’t care about you.

    • Jojo Addison I don’t mean any hate towards jeffree, but the way Jeffree handled the situation was unacceptable. He’s an adult for god’s sake, he had no right to be involved in this situation anyhow.

    • Jojo Addison Doesn’t that mean that everything ur saying abt other people is pointless and irrelevant as well

  • Yo you actually still look like a guy

  • you should do a full face of makeup using only k beauty products!! all korean makeup only