The Most Bizarre Films Coming Out In 2020

Published on Jun 23, 2019
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Nobody saw these flicks coming. From an MCU darling trading his Avenger buds in for some furry friends to a 21st century take on a buzz-worthy horror classic, these are just some of the most surprising, unexpected, and straight-up bizarre movies hitting theatres in 2020.
Dr. Dolittle is a character with a weird history. The physician who could talk with animals was created by author Hugh Lofting in letters written home to his children from the trenches of World War I. The character would go on to become the star of a series of popular children's books, set in Victorian England and published from the 1920s through the '50s.
A number of adaptations appeared over the following decades, including cartoons, radio plays, stage productions, and a lavish 1967 movie musical starring Rex Harrison.
When modern audiences see the name "Dolittle," however, they probably think back to the 1998 movie starring Eddie Murphy, which became something of a franchise all its own, spawning such intriguingly titled direct-to-DVD sequels as Tail to the Chief. Now, the good doctor is returning to the big screen in the form of… wait for it… Robert Downey Jr. The animal cast will be voiced by a star-studded lineup that includes Rami Malek, John Cena, Emma Thompson, Octavia Spencer, Tom Holland, Selena Gomez, and Ralph Fiennes.
We know exactly what you thinking: Where the in the world did this one come from? We don't exactly have an answer for ya - but after over a decade rocking that Iron-Man suit, maybe RDJ just needed to lighten things up a little bit.
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The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle | 0:17
Candyman | 1:30
Morbius | 2:48
Coming to America 2 | 3:51
The Witches | 4:56


  • Which of these movies are you looking forward to the most?

    • kk

    • @B R lol

    • @Dovyeon I just did;)

    • @B R You won't agree to the better things

    • @Dovyeon first we work on grammar!

  • Jordan Peele....So talented, yet so willing to make normal muckymucks feel like they shot MLK. -Guessing the original Candyman's subtle, pragmatic influence will be substituted with a bludgeon.

  • No more horror remakes! Do something original for a change!

  • May have a bit of an issue with getting James Earl Jones for the new Coming to America. I’m not sure how this one got by everyone.

  • Jordan peeled sucks so handyman will too

  • We really don't need a new Dr. Doolittle lmao but whatever floats RDJ's boat.

  • The vampire movie actually sounds pretty good, I mean, Jared Letto is pretty muchly a vegan vampire

  • Candyman 2. Only one I will watch of these.

  • Tom Holland to do a voice in Dr Doolittle? Anybody else get a feeling he'll do a voice of a spider?

  • Iron man is talking to animals? What next?

  • Roald dahl was a sick scumbag who roasts in hell I saw his tv series one episode he called funny was offensive and cruel screw him if he hated witches good

  • Candyman was absolutely horrifying!! Still scares today.

  • I wish Ann Hathaway would go away. She is ugly and has no talent.

  • You forgot about the FNAF film.

  • Come On, Candyman Wasn’t Scary At All

  • Jordan Peele Candyman wow what more do I want

  • Loved Eddie Murphy's movies growing up! Would love to see him bring his comedy back to the masses!

  • I can't wait for Candyman!

  • I keep hearing that Candyman is good, but I've never seen it. Maybe I'll check ot out?

  • What exactly is bizarre here? Like... What's bizarre about morbius? There is a huge success with both comic book movies and vampires....

  • So bottom line, more classic films are being crapped on!

  • Definitely looking forward to The witches one of my all time favorites as a kid

  • What exactly is bizarre about any of these films?

  • Very excited for 2020 movies👍👏✅

  • Candy-Man I Saw For The Very First Time Last Year 🤭 it was scary & Strange👍✅ happy to see sequel to this movie 🎥 Cannot wait for Halloween in 2020🎃

  • I wonder if Morbius Is going to be bloody and Scary 👍✅

  • Very exciting for me Very Excited For Morbius The Living Vampire Super excited for this movie I grew up with this character as a kid in the Spiderman the animated series 90s 👍👏✅

  • Candy MAN

  • Hollywood really needs new ideas

  • Please don’t mess with Coming to America ....


  • I never realized the robber in Coming to America was Samuel L Jackson until just now.

  • hollywood is no longer making original films theyre just rebooting everything and making lazy sequels for money

  • I hope the new Candyman is Keith David or Denzel Washington

    • @Oscar Harmand but why tho? For what reason? Black people don't get the spotlight they deserve anyways

    • Or a White actor

  • 6:00 *sigh* Another franchise I love ruined by this actress. Pass...

  • Was excited about Morbius... till Leto.

  • CandyMan by Jordan is going to be NUTZ,I have to see that for sure. Morbius,coming 2 America 2 for sure

  • Don't trust the random car full (filled with free candy just for me and my friends ) of FREE CANDY

  • needs more symbitoes!!!!! like its not only venom and carange ughhhh

  • I just want a Spider Ham movie.

  • I'm ready for candy man that was my movie as a kid. He better have that deep voice that haunts you. 😱😱

  • Oh more shlock. How nice for Hollywood. I hope they all bomb.

  • Hollywood is completely out of ideas

  • Tom Holland is in literally everything right now

  • None of these movies seems worth a watch, the originals were excellent, and the modern day remakes have all been a let down from THE THING, Poltergeist, FRIDAY THE 13 and so on. I see a lot of garbage coming to the screen, it seems that modern music and films are being created by the talentless.

  • Tom Holland is taking over Hollywood

  • Honeslty i can see RDJ in the classics (sherlock, doc doolittke, chitty chitty bamg bang etc)

  • Aka yet another year of sequels reboots and above all UNORIGINAL CONTENT. Hollywood truly is dead.

  • Tom Holland has to be Robert's side piece I swear!